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About me

Hello there! My name is Tony Mueller and I am the owner of Phine Art Photography. In my art form I am hoping you can feel what I see. Whether it’s a quick phone photo or something that took plenty of time and planning, the end result is designed to make you feel marvelous on the inside. That’s what Phine art is all about.

It’s safe to say that this journey started in middle school for me. I always tried taking cool photos from different angles. I carried around a tiny digital camera that my parents bought me for cheap and tried finding new things to take shots of all the time. I eventually upgraded and actually got a nicer camera for christmas one year. I always had that thing on me. It started with snapping skateboard videos and photos, but I still tried testing my eye in my surroundings to find cool pictures that I still have to this day! Unfortunately that all sort of came to a halt when one night my camera was stolen from my car parked in my parents driveway. The scene was horrible, they smashed the window and completely cleared out the car. I guess it was my mistake to leave it in there.

Over time I started to gain a passion for traveling. I decided to just start driving all over the country and see where it got me. I even went to Peru and Canada during this time! So picture this, during these adventures I’m trying my wits at a second round of college. This time it’s tech school and instead of going for a film degree, I’m going for graphics. Thinking to myself that I can make art without the use of a camera, I took to the computer to produce something different. I remember a specific assignment that was to gather a bunch of old family photos. One of our group members had a whole heap of photos that we scanned and put into photoshop for some repair. I then found out that I REALLY enjoyed that! It was so much fun to get these photos looking new again and filled with life! So I absolutely had to try it with my own work. I started putting my photography from my travels into photoshop and I absolutely loved the result! So that, that was the fire that sparked my career in photography.

After some time of messing around as a complete amateur my friends must’ve started thinking that maybe this was my calling because I kid you not, they all came together to pool in some money towards my replacement camera! So there it is, everything aligned and my professional career could start. My first time ever using it was Summer Camp Music Festival 2018 and that was the most fun I’ve ever had shooting in my entire life. The photos came out so great and I consider some of them as my best work I’ve ever done. It all started steam rolling and before you knew it I was taking more and more concert photos. I began doing family photos, modeling shoots, weddings, and much more! I figured out that I have an eye for a lot more than just landscapes. Truly, I would take photos of anything and everything! I just want to make sure the viewer feels something.

Things kept on rolling and now I’m shooting for my best friend’s band, Armchair Boogie. Doing so helped me accomplish virtually everything I’ve done up until this point. They landed me so many gigs and our combined efforts to display images of what they’re doing as a band is what carries me along in this illustrious career. They were the reason I obtained the job I have over at Maximum Ink and for what I call my proudest moment and photo which is the album cover of their most recent album “What Does Time Care” I love those guys and everything they’ve done for me. I would surely not be where I am today if it weren’t for them.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story and get to know a little about me. Enjoy scrolling through the rest of my website and feel free to head on over to the contact page and send me some thoughts and ideas about the projects you have in mind. Much love and thank you for supporting local artists!

-Tony Mueller