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Concert Photos

My favorite events to shoot are certainly live shows. In waiting for the perfect moment, capturing that forever photo is what it is all about. I've done many local shows and a few festivals mostly in the midwest. I am looking to broaden my portfolio with many genres of music and different settings. I started working for Maximum Ink Magazine in Madison recently and they have opened the door for many musical opportunities. I love doing this and am going to keep on going until I can't anymore.

Family Photos

Everybody in the world wants to show off their beautiful family that they have created. And everybody knows the best way to do that is through photography! Whether it's children, newly weds, newborns, and of course those pet photos as well (they're family too!) I am ready to put together something that lasts a lifetime and that you can forever cherish (and show off) to all your friends until they become but keepsakes that remind you of the people you love. There are plenty of options here and lots to talk about so let's get it started right away!


What I would say the most popular form of photography is that of the human subject in the element of their own personal beauty. Whether it's simple photos that highlight your true nature or something a little more personal where you push your own boundaries in order to present the confidence within you to the people around you, I would love to try and capture at least what appears to be a candid moment where you felt the utmost courage. This is something that can either be very easy or take on a whole new form of planning and mapping out to find what works best and what feels right. I would love to converse about your future art project or just a common need for something as elementary as headshots.

Engagements and Weddings

Some of the best photography in the world is of weddings. What a beautiful thing and one of the biggest celebrations in human history. Millions of people in love get married every year and as a photographer I am humbled to be able to do what we can to make sure these moments are cherished forever. I would love to help you and your significant other on your special day. Thank you so much and I can't wait to hear from you!